Come January, bounce back healthier than ever after the Holidays in just 15 days.

Lose the extra pounds you gained and the some!

Feel & look awesome. Bright skin and energetic like you never felt before.

Then get my Detox Program babe... You can achieve all this and MORE.

For real!


Hey there, I'm your coach Candy Calderon, and I will help you step into 2017 like the Queen you are!

We gain 5 to 11 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas and RARELY loose it all the next year.

Alcohol, unhealthy food + stress of the holiday season build up TONS of toxins in our bodies. If not flushed out properly, can be cancer forming among other nasty side effects (hormones imbalance, inflammation, fatigue, acne, constipation, insomnia, gut issues, loss of libido... you name it!). 

I'm Here To Tell You, Detoxing Is The Key!

I will help you revolutionize your health, rebuild your relationship with food and see amazing results.  

My program is FUN & super easy to follow, because I created it to prove ourselves that detoxing is so much more than what we eat. You will definitely enjoy the process!

The Bounce Back Detox is an ONLINE program (Starting January 9th, but you can start at your own pace whenever you want!) that will teach you how to rock a detox, make healthy lifestyle choices that will help you glow from within!

You'll get the digital program's blueprint including:

  • Extensive explanation of the benefits and what you can expect from the detox
  • Elimination guide (which foods we'll be avoiding and why)
  • How to control cravings and differential emotional hunger from real hunger
  • Withdrawal and how to deal with it
  • Supplement guide, with my fav picks for the program
  • My favorite wellness practices that will change your life forever (hello dry brushing!)
  • What to do after the detox is over
  • FAQ’s: answers to your most common questions  

Program's Recipe Guide:

  • 30+ delicious recipes plant-based, nutrition dense that you can keep using year round!
  • All recipes are easy and available at your fingertips because we are busy babes
  • Complete shopping list so you don't have to guess what you need to buy. Printer friendly so you can take them with you!

Recipes and Exercise Videos, Audios & Live Q&A Call

  • Recipe videos to guide you with some of the recipes
  • Easy exercise routines you can do at home & the gym with minimal equipment, created by one of my fav celebrity fitness trainers, Jared White!
  • Yoga routines for morning & evening, suitable for beginners. But even advanced people will love them! 
  • Guided relaxing meditations & affirmations to start & finish your day
  • Live call to kickstart the program and answer your most pressing questions
  • Access to our Private FB Support Group. Support is so important when it comes to long-term changes!  


Sign up TODAY and get my "Surviving The Holidays Guide" – my extensive list of tips and tricks to survive the holidays with your health pumping, no extra pounds, TONS of energy and glow!

I have poured EVERY single one of my tried-and-true tricks implemented over the years to stay healthy, but still ENJOY the holidays (Oh hi, champagne!) and not loosing my mind in the process.

I love Candy's detox programs, they're so easy to follow. Last one I lost not only pounds, but also body inches, and I could FINALLY control my sugar cravings... It was so worth it! 

Brenda Alvarez | Mommy, Wife & Entrepreneur

My experience with Candy has been a fun adventure. Her detox has improved my health so much, helping me feel better about myself, my digestive system finally works fine and I lost pounds in the process. Yayyy it cannot get better than this, I recommend this program to all my family and friends. It's been a life-changing and I want to share it with everybody!

Andrea Ferreria | Business Woman & Fitness Enthusiast

“Candy is the real deal, she's genuinely passionate about her work. It's because of her that I have noticed a change in my relationship with food. It's not really about filling myself, but fueling myself - which is essentially a huge difference. It's never too late to take charge of your health life. With Candy by your side, she will make this journey easy & exciting! ”  

Delilah Dee | Entertainment Media Entrepreneur & Influencer 

This Can Be Your Story Too!  

About Your Coach

Meet the mastermind behind The Bounce Back Detox Program

Candy Calderon

Candy is a certified Holistic Nutrition & Health coach, graduated from one of the best nutrition schools in the world (Integrative Nutrition Institute, NYC), passionate about helping people (specially boss-ladies) to lead a healthy & happy life, and how to naturally prevent -and many times even reverse- illnesses... Have coached thousands through her signature programs, speaking engagements and her insights are often featured in written media, radio and Tv.

“We're fearless, we want to conquer the world, but the last thing we think is if we're healthy enough to crush our goals. We've been taught to be reactive, instead of proactive when it comes to our health -sometimes it's too late-. I'm here to change that!  





You just want to get a six pack, count calories instead of nutrients or lose weight at all cost sacrificing your health, I can tell you right now... I'm not your girl! This is NOT a fitness challenge, or a "booty" challenge of any sorts.

I created this program with YOU in mind, looking to cleanse not only your body but also your soul. That's why I studied HOLISTIC NUTRITION and not just regular nutrition... because I don't believe in taking in consideration just food or external image for our health, but everything that affects it. Being skinny or having a six pack does NOT means you're healthy. You can be all that and STILL be sick inside!

The Bounce Back Detox Program is so awesome because it sees your health as a WHOLE. I have taken in consideration: Nutrition, Mind, Soul & Body (I'm not a fitness trainer and that's why both my fitness & yoga routines have been created specially for the program by crazy talented professionals in the field).

Also, if you are pregnant, nursing or going through a chronic illness, you cannot do this program.

Always consult your primary health care practitioner to confirm what's best for your specific case.

Return Policy: Due to the nature of the immense amount of downloadable content available upon purchase of the program and the community engagement, I do not offer refunds of any kind. If you have any questions before signing up, I'm more than happy to help answer those for you!



Will I lose weight with the program?

Every person experience different results. Although this is NOT a weight loss program, losing the extra unwanted pounds is a very welcomed side effect of the detox program. When your body starts flushing out the accumulated harmful toxins, and you start balancing your emotions, the pounds starts to peel off as well... Please remember that weight is attached to many other aspects beyond food. This program will teach you how to identify that!

For how long will I have access?

Once you purchase the program and it starts in January 2nd, you will have lifetime access! Meaning you can access it whenever you want, wherever you want and repeat it as many times you want. Even if you cannot start right away on January with the main group, you can start it and do it at your own pace.... That's super awesome right?!

I'm not vegan or vegetarian, can I still benefit from the plan?

Of course you can! All recipes will be plant-based (no dairy or animal products) because I believe it's the most effective way to detox our bodies. After the program is over, you can integrate back to your diet (healthy) animal based products.

What about the fitness & yoga videos? I'm a beginner!

All my mind-and-body videos (fitness, meditation, yoga, etc.) are VERY basic/beginner level, so everyone can benefit from it. But even if you are more advanced, there will also be something you can learn from them, promised!

I don't live in USA, will I miss out on anything?

I've worked VERY HARD to keep the content equal for everyone (for both English & Spanish / USA & Non-USA residents), so you won't miss anything.

I'm extremely busy, can I still do it?

Of course you can babe! I'm extremely busy myself, so I created the program taking in consideration us boss-ladies & moms juggling a busy agenda and life balance. 


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